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Buying a house for us was a process that took almost 2 1/2 years. During that time we meet a lot of real estate agents. None of the others were as professional as JK & Scott. From the time we met at an open house, they have been very patient with us. In early 2008, we had been pre-qualified for a loan but when lending directives changed we stopped searching for a new home for awhile. After almost a year we felt that the time was right for us to buy a house and JK & Scott stayed with us. One of the things they did was pre-screen houses to meet our specifications. The house we bought really fit us and this was very good luck for us. JK & Scott are very good at building relationships. During the process we came to know that they are very honest and fair and that is the reason we liked them a lot. We ended up buying a home where they were the listing agents. This could have lead to a conflict of interest. I don't think I would have done that with anyone else. We've never met agents who were so professional. I felt trust in working with them. There was no pressure from JK & Scott. We always felt that we could do whatever we wanted and that was the best way for us to buy a house. It worked out very well for us. We were able to buy a house that really suited us for less than it would have cost 2 1/2 years ago. Our location is close to everything we do and that saves us money on gasoline. We developed a very good relationship with JK & Scott. They are friends now. We couldn't have been more lucky to have met them.
~ Domenico and Maggie Tanzarella
-Home buyers-

Please accept our thanks for your hard work in completeing the purchase of our new home on Alameda Drive in Fremont. Your timely follow-up on important issues gave us confidence from the very beginning that we had selected the right people for the job. You both have our gratitude and we are pleased to offer our highest recommendation for you both. Hopefullly, we can refer other customers to you in the future. We're confident that any customer we refer to you will be treated fairly and with the highest integrity. It was our pleasure to work with you both and we look forward to continuing our business relationship.
~ S&N Turner
-home buyers-

"What can we do to help?" With these few words from Scott -- my life changed forever. For 15 months I'd been the caregiver to my dad in Glenmoor. As it neared the time for him to move on to assisted living, the process of selling his house seemed pretty overwhelming. I didn't really know where to start or where to turn for help. Fortunately, this is about the time I met JK and Scott at a Garage Sale at a house they were selling in the neighborhood and things started to happen. JK and Scott are unique real estate agents because they combine all of the services that a person may need to sell a home into one package. They have contractors available to do those necessary repairs, estate sales people to help with all of the personal items and even a financial planner to assist with making important money decisions. And they personally get everything ready for showings and stay on top of the entire sales process -- all the way to closing. What I liked and grew to appreciate is that they bring a "can do" attitude to the sale of a home. "It can be done" seems to be their working motto when anything comes up that could delay the selling process or cause a problem. They just get it done. I was most impressed by the teamwork they have, plus their kindness and compassion for people. They are great about working with older folks and helping them through the difficult process of selling a home they've lived in for a long time. It is very evident that they love what they do and that makes all the difference. We put my dad's home on the market in the spring of this year and it didn't take long at all for it to sell. At that point, I needed to move about 3 hours south of Fremont. Can you believe that JK and Scott actually loaded all my belongings into a U-Haul trailer and personally drove everything to my new doorstep? All I can say is that if you need real estate agents to help you through the process of selling a home, JK and Scott are generous and wonderful people who get things done. They are very professional at what they do. They are my friends and I know they will do a great job for you.
~ Marcia Kimbrell, daughter of Robert Ralston
- Fremont, CA

I have moved many, many times in my life and I've never dealt with another real estate agent like Scott, not even close. My cousin Barbara needed to move and we wanted to get her house sold quickly. She was going to be moving on to a new lifestyle as her husband had died about 6 weeks before and she needed the money from the sale of the home as part of her support. There were so many things that had to be done to make this happen and Scott coordinated it all. It was actually unreal all of the things that he did for Barbara. She needed help in selling her home, but first it had to be put into condition to sell. Scott got the ball rolling by bringing in contractors to do repairs, floor work and painting. She had lots of personal items that needed to be sold and Scott organized and conducted at least 3 garage sales and gave her all the money. When Barbara was trying to decide where to live, Scott made appointments for her to see places and then he took her to each of the appointments. I couldn't believe all the things he did for her. She eventually decided upon Merrill Gardens. When it was time to move, he lined up a strong young fellow with a truck so she didn't have to go through the expense of hiring movers on her own. He even got her in touch with an attorney for some legal counsel and a financial planner to help her with her money. I could go on and on. I was so impressed with Scott. I've never been around a real estate agent like that. I would recommend him to anyone. The care was always there and I can't believe how fast the house sold and Barbara was situated in her new home.
~ Norma Murdoch, cousin of Barbara Ferrell

You came to the right place to hear great things about Scott and JK. In all of our years of home owning we have never seen real estate agents work as hard as they do. They sold our house in Fremont 2 years ago. We had quite a lot of work we wanted to have done. They helped us find people to do the work we needed. They kept in touch with us every step of the way. We tell everyone if they ever need to buy or sell property, call Scott and JK. We don't know what we would have done without them. They are so kind, helpful and capable. They are the best.
~ K&J Cocksedge

JK and Scott made the sale of my house real easy for me. I'm really pleased with them. Initially, the thought of choosing a Realtor® and getting the house ready for sale was very stressful for me. Then I got a hold of JK and Scott. From our very first meeting I knew I wanted to work with them. I didn't even talk to another Realtor®. They lived up to everything they said they would do. I just turned everything over to them and they handled everything for me. Like I needed to have some roof work done. They called contractors to get bids on the work and then they presented the bids to me. All I had to do was say "yes" or "no" to which one I wanted to do the work. They even opened up the house to let contractors come in. They held a garage sale for me to get rid of some of my extra things. I didn't have to do anything. If someone wanted anything, I'd just say, "Ask the lady (JK) right over there in the white shirt." They are really great people and they are just great to be with. They always were calling me to let me know where we were in the sales process. They really kept me informed. Because they live and work right here in the neighborhood (Glenmoor) it makes everything very convenient. I don't know of anything else they could have done. They did everything. They met and went way beyond my expectations. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a Realtor®. They are the best.
~ JoAnn Brink

JK & Scott sold my grandmother's house in Fremont couple years ago. They treated her very well and I liked that. So, when I decided to buy my first home, I called JK & Scott to help me. They were a big help to me. When I started out I didn't know where I wanted to live or even what type of house I wanted to buy. I would check some places out and then call for advice. JK and Scott where great at answering my questions as well as getting back to me when I called or sent an email. When I wanted to see a home, JK would make all of the arrangements. "OK, we'll go tomorrow," she'd say. I never had to wait around. I'm living in my new condo now. When I buy something else in a few years from now, it will have a bigger backyard so I can have a pet. If I buy that next house in this area, I will definitely contact JK & Scott again to help me. Yes, I will definitely recommend them, too!
~ Erin Kitterman

JK and Scott made selling my dad's house on Richmond Ave. a wonderful expereince. It's as if "they were personally investd in selling the house." They did a great job for my dad. After selling the home, my 80-year-old dad moved into a 50 and over community where he's thoroughly enjoying life, pumping weights in the gym three times a week and just doing great. He's closer to family, too. Getting the home ready to show and sell had a lot to do with the successful sale. First, they priced the home right. Next, they went to work on the house inside and out to make it really show well. "There was a heck of a difference in the house from the time they started to the time it sold." This included getting the interior of the house painted, refurbishing the hardwood floors and trimming a raft of over-grown bushes in the back yard. "Reasonalbly priced contractors who did good work really helped my dad to be able to make the improvements to sell the house." JK and Scott provided all of the contractor contacts. JK was excellent to work with on all of the details of the sale. She was always available to answer all of my dad's questions and to patiently guide him and help him to understand what he was signing. This was most appreciated.
~ Dave Deadder

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