Watson’s Realty now has an office extension in the Palm Springs vicinity of Southern California.
This area is a hotbed of recreational and social activity for both seasonal and full-time living. More and more people are discovering that this Desert Oasis is a wonderful place to play in the wintertime as well as to live and work full-time.
Palm Desert in the heart of the desert area is where our agent resides and conducts most of his activity. He is a 24-year resident of the community and has expertise in a wide variety of sports interests in an environment where golf and tennis thrive during the daylight hours. In the evening time, a wide variety of dining, social and entertainment options are available.
For people in the Bay Area considering a second or seasonal home, the Palm Springs desert is a relatively convenient and entirely viable option. Driving time between the Bay Area and the desert is about 7 hours. By air, it is most conveniently accomplished with a non-stop flight from San Francisco airport directly into Palm Springs. The duration of this flight is about one hour in the air. 
Once you arrive, the sky is really the limit in terms of the type of housing options available. The range would fall somewhere between a one bedroom condo in the low $100,000s to estate living upwards of $20 million. Condos and single family homes, many in gated communities offering golf or tennis as a recreational option, are all part of the lifestyle choices there.
Twenty-five years ago, the desert community was a pretty relaxed place for people to escape to the sunshine for the months of January, February and March. The nine months in between were pretty slow.
While the desert remains a wonderful get-a-way for the three months of winter, it is no longer a sleepy little hide-away place. Growth has happened there as it has everywhere and the expansion has been a good thing.
Now, people begin arriving at the end of October and by the middle of November the desert is alive with activity. This has now continued well into the springtime of April and May as people have come to realize that these are wonderful months there. Actually the very best months to be there might just be November and April.
For a person looking to discover if this is the right place to spend time, a retirement or a lifetime, a short visit might be the way to start.
Or, maybe renting for a month and “seeing if you like it.”

An example of how this might work is presented here by our agent JimBartell who lives and works in a hugely active tennis community in the heart of Palm Desert. His community of expertise is known as Deep Canyon Tennis Club and he and his wife have lived there for 24 years. 
“Our club is like many places in the area that welcome renters for a month at a time or longer. A month may seem like quite a while, but it usually goes by in a flash and folks often starting to think about a longer rental for next year or even considering buying a condo of their own.”
"With lots of activity around, it’s a choice of whether to play tennis, Pickleball, go out with the hiking or biking group or just hang by the pool. We have lots of social activities and tennis events, but soon people meet new people and are making their own plans outside of group activities. Sometimes friends are made for a lifetime in just a few minutes.”
This club is just a jump off point for our Watson’s Realty Desert Properties. Jim has handled sales at neighboring tennis clubs — tennis is really his area of expertise with professional teaching pro experience in his background — and at outside properties in the Palm Springs area as well. Jim is also very familiar with golf and golf course living and can answer lots of questions about this other area of sport he enjoys. 
In addition to participating in sporting activities, the desert is a great location to see the world’s best perform in golf and tennis. The men’s professional golf tour has a January stop in the desert. The top men and women tennis players compete in Indian Wells at the BNP Paribas Open in early March and the top women golf pros play a major tournament in Rancho Mirage at the end of March.


For people who are considering retirement in a few years, buying that second home now might make a lot of sense. Maybe it’s a home you could start using for a month or two out of the year now and put it out for rental the rest of the time. 
Again, let’s look at a Deep Canyon scenario. There are a number of condos now available in the $200,000 range. By renting it for January, February and March, that condo can bring an estimated $9,000 or more in seasonal rent. This goes a long way toward covering the cost of upkeep and ownership. 
Then, maybe take a look at using and enjoying that condo as an owner for two or more months out of the year. Maybe it becomes the place for you to hold Thanksgiving or Holiday celebrations. Or, maybe family and friends get the benefit of it as well. There are so many options to explore and consider.
This look at a new life style that is only about 400 miles away in a totally different climate could be something you’d like to learn more about and consider for your future.
Here is how you can find out more about Jim though Watson’s Realty Desert Properties. He’ll be glad to give you more data about Deep Canyon Tennis Club, homes in Palm Desert and properties available throughout the desert.
We invite you to get in touch with Jim at your convenience.
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