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Meet JK, Scott and the Watson's Team!

Hire the Watsons and you’ll immediately put over 40 years of real estate business and service experience to work for you!
Together, JK and Scott Watson have spent more than three decades in the business of buying, selling and financing homes. Most of this has happened right here in the East Bay area that includes Fremont and neighboring communities.
After years of working for a variety of companies, they formed Watson's Realty when JK earned her Broker's License in December 2004. This fulfilled a long-time “American Dream" goal of theirs for independent company ownership.
There's a good deal of know-how immediately available to you when you CallTheWatsons at Watson's Realty.


JK's Background:

As the Broker/Officer for Watson's Realty,  JK handles real estate sales and business operations for the Organization. She’s been a licensed real estate agent since 1992.
Prior to going into real estate sales and management full bore, she worked the financial side of the business with World Savings in Oakland and in Southern California. She began on the Savings side and later transferred to Loan Origination where she learned the “other” side of the real estate business.
JK also worked as a Mortgage Broker for several companies learning the ins-and-outs of lending. Scott convinced her that she would be great at real estate…and he was right!
JK’s background in the basics of finance and mortgages; her experience in sales; and a strong interest in legal matters and contracts make her an outstanding real estate professional to have on your side in any transaction.
Many people in Fremont know JK from her 5 years as the volunteer manager of "Adopt an Angel" Foundation. She helped to grow the organization from a meager beginning to a successful program that even today continues to provide donated holiday gifts to over 1,000 children in need annually.
Born in Alamogordo, NM, she spent all of her youth and early adult years in Woodland Hills, CA, before moving to the East Bay in 1985.

Scott's Background:

Scott first earned his real estate license in 1986 and has been working full-time in the residential home market ever since. That’s 29 years in the business of helping hundreds of individuals and families share in their own American Dream of home ownership.
Scott is known in the business as someone who will go way out of his way to help a client buy or sell a home, or even handle something personally. 
For instance, he has initiated a Watson’s Realty program to help clients run a garage sale and he does it at no charge. Need a contractor to fix up a home for sale and Scott will find one for you. Need plants to improve your landscape and Scott will likely help you to plant them. 
Prior to beginning his real estate career, Scott worked with Barient, Inc. in Menlo Park, CA, from 1974 to 1986 in a variety of managerial positions. It was there that he learned many of the business and customer service skills so important to developing his friendly and efficient manner of doing business.
Prior to 1974, Scott lived with his family in places like Sacramento, CA; Levittown, PA; Great Falls, MT; Tucson, AZ; and Bristol, VA where he was born in 1954.

JK and Scott Together:

JK and Scott were married in 1992 and one might say that's when life really got off the ground for the two of them. They played a large role in the raising of the two children Scott brought to the relationship, Chad and Bobby.
Now they will tell you that the things of greatest importance in their lives are grandchildren Riley, Bailey, Ryan and Addie. They cherish their time with the grandkids and look forward to many more!
JK and Scott are also known to get involved in community programs and fundraising activities such as “Adopt An Angel,” Washington High School Sports, “Birdies For the Brave" and recently "Strength For Stow" - the paramedic beaten at a Giants/Dodgers game in LA.


Jim Bartell brings a broad spectrum of interesting life and work experience to his job as a real estate agent with Watson’s Realty where he holds down the Palm Desert, CA office of the company.
Prior to entering the field in 2010 he’s held such positions as managing editor of 23 newspapers in Wisconsin, been a hotel general manager in the U.S. Virgin Islands and directed tennis programs at 4 World-class tropical island resort hotels.
As a homeowner and as a writer,  Jim has been around the real estate business for about 40 years now. He acquired his first home in Milwaukee in 1976 and a few years later embarked on a major remodeling project on a then 100-year-old Victorian house. Now he is happy to be the owner of a condominium with a spectacular 40-mile panoramic view.
Base on all of this experience, he approached JK and Scott Watson about becoming a real estate agent with their firm with the idea of specializing in Palm Desert and surrounding desert communities. They agreed. Jim passed his state of California agent exam in the fall of 2010 and as been actively involved with Watson’s Realty ever since.
Jim and his wife Edie have been Palm Desert resident for the 25 years now. They enjoy a lifestyle that includes tennis, golf and helping out around the Deep Canyon Tennis Club where they live as volunteers in the community.
Jim is a year-round resident of the desert so he is ready and willing to help you find or sell a home 365-days a year. The desert is a great place to live full-time or to own a seasonal home that is really quite convenient to reach from the Bay Area. Prices are very reasonable and traffic congestion is minimal. Great restaurants, too! Maybe there's a new lifestyle in your future.

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